Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dirt Dreams

It's no secret that I dream of one day having a year round garden that will produce enough food for my family, complete with chickens, goats and turkeys. Maybe even a little brown cow. For now I have to settle for my small garden boxes in my back yard, and this year I have added space in the form of a 10' x 20' plot at the community garden at Ekar Farm.

I am pretty psyched about all the possibilities, but I am still having trouble coming up with a garden plan. What to put where and how many of each plant to have.

In the mean time I have started seeds at home of just a few heirloom varieties. I am most excited about my Moon and Stars watermelons. I have never had the room to grow watermelons or winter squash before, so I know at least part of the plot will be dedicated to these. Seeds are sprouting and the time to put them in the ground is fast approaching.

I have also decided to try some strawberries in pots this year. My daughter is loving them. We have only had one strawberry so far. This morning I noticed a few blossoms turning into strawberries, so hopefully in "a few whiles" as my daughter would say, we will all be eating berries. Getting my daughter engaged in gardening with me has been so much fun. She is really excited to try all the things we are growing.

Happy planting and growing everyone!